A Look at Arnaud Baillot - Specials & Tasting!

A Look at Arnaud Baillot - Specials & Tasting!

Published by The Wine Emporium on 24th Aug 2023

The young, affable Arnaud Baillot began producing wine under his own name in 2013 after completing his Masters Degree. The 2021 vintage is Arnaud’s seventh release and in this relatively short time, has quickly made a name for himself and his Domaine, producing authentic, well priced wines that are honest to Burgundy and its terroir. Arnaud is supported by his wife Laure (nee Van Canneyt) who is the granddaughter of the founder of the iconic Hudelot-Noëllat winery in Chambolle-Musigny, further deepening their connection to great Burgundy vineyards. 

Since acquiring his first vineyard in Beaune in 2017, Arnaud has continued an impressive vineyard acquisition program and now owns 7.5Ha of vineyards which are cultivated organically, and manages another 7.5Ha under a leasing arrangement where he performs all of the vineyard work himself. The total 15Ha - or very close to - is the maximum size that Arnaud wishes to manage, so this will remain a very small operation going forward. 

2022 saw the completion of a new winery in Beaune where the winemaking is carefully tailored to each individual wine; an array of custom vessels for fermentation and ageing to suit the different vineyard plots allows further flexibility in giving each cuvée the attention it requires. 

I was lucky to spend a couple of hours tasting with Arnaud on his recent trip to Brisbane and I believe 2021 is his finest vintage yet. The season will be long remembered by growers for the difficult yield-reducing frosts in April, but as in 2016 where a difficult harvest yielded brilliant results, we are looking to have a similar outcome in 2021 also. It was a cool vintage with adequate rain during the growing season, producing classically-weighted wines of lower alcohols (12-13% is common this year, compared with 13.5-14.5% common in 18/19/20) and terroir transparency. The vintage recalls an autumnal-feeling 2014, with some of the energy and fruit of 2016. To be clear (as with every year) not everything will be great in 2021, but the best wines are stellar, echoing many producers early comments that indeed its a terrific vintage for quality, if not for quantity. They likely won't be as long-lived as the 18/19/20, but they offer a refreshing, classical feel; which is what made us fall in love with Burgundy in the first place! 

Intro and following tasting notes written by our staff member Brent

Specials & Tasting Lineup -

Saturday 26th August 4 to 6pm

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2021 Arnaud Baillot Bourgogne Blanc Hautes Cotes de Beaune - $68 per bottle ; RRP $78 

It’s easy to judge the success of a producer by the quality of their top wines, but to also bottle high quality lower level wines - especially in 2021 - is a testament to the skill and attention to detail of Arnaud. A terrific wine and a proper bargain, there were reportedly several passes through this vineyard to make sure that all fruit was harvested at optimal ripeness. At only 12% alc we have excellent intensity of flavour, medium body, and plenty of energy. Only 10% new oak. 

2021 Arnaud Baillot Meursault - $185 per bottle ; RRP $210

This is one of the most impressive wines I’ve tried made by Arnaud to date. Fruit for this cuvee is sourced from a lieu-dit called “Les Forges” located in the centre of the village - just ‘up the road’ from Lafon’s Clos de la Barre - with other top vineyards Cromin, Rougeots, Chevalieres and Meix Chavaux in very close proximity too. At only 12% alcohol this is beautifully ripe and stylish, but full of freshness and true tension. Long, focused, lingering and totally complete. Riveting. 

2021 Arnaud Baillot Meursault “Les Cras” 1er Cru - $295 per bottle ; RRP $340 

The seldom-seen Meursault 1er Cru “Les Cras” is the second smallest premier cru in Meursault and lies just on the Volnay border next to the famed “Santenots”. A true ‘beurre et noisettes’ style of Meursault, this is a powerful, complex wine with striking substance and presence. Remarkably, this vineyard is only 200 metres away from Baillot’s village Meursault plot, yet so completely different. This will easily win hearts. 

2021 Arnaud Baillot Chassagne Montrachet “Chenevottes” 1er Cru - $288 per bottle ; RRP $330 

The consistently excellent Premier Cru vineyard ‘Les Chenevottes’ lays on relatively flat land and is well positioned across the road from the Grand Cru ‘Le Montrachet’. Arnaud is thrilled to source from this parcel as he’s identified that the two vineyards have much in common sharing similar soil composition, exposure and flavour profile. Of course, Chenevottes isn’t as great as Montrachet, but at 1/5th the price of the current Montrachet vintage (at least!) this offers the Burgundy-lover both an hedonistic, and intellectual experience. Sustainable agriculture. 30% new barrels. 

2021 Arnaud Baillot Bourgogne Rouge “La Montagne" - $65 per bottle ; RRP $75 

This wine is sourced from a single vineyard within ‘Decize-les-Maranges’ at the southern most point of the Cote d’Or. The 60 year old vineyard is the highest altitude of the town and the soils are quite rocky and well-draining, which has no-doubt helped to give this wine some added intensity. A medium bodied wine full of charm, this is mainly a red-fruited Burgundy (think raspberry, red currants and wild strawberry). On the palate the wine has wonderful freshness and delicacy with elegant tannins. Organic agriculture, 20% new oak. 

2021 Arnaud Baillot Beaune Rouge “Montrevenots" - $95 per bottle ; RRP $110 

This wine is sourced from complimentary parcels, one neighbouring ‘Clos des Mouches’ and the other on the border of Pommard - the former a little more delicate, the latter being fuller and more powerful. The first impressions are of fleshy fruits with a refreshing line of acidity, a breaking wave of velvety tannin builds in the mouth toward the finish. The final impression being a wine fullness and volume, with a nudge of power. Arnaud’s best Montrevenots to date. Organic agriculture. 30% new oak.

2021 Arnaud Baillot Volnay - $149 per bottle ; RRP $170 

I must confess to being absolutely smitten by this wine! Fruit for this cuvee is sourced again from two complimentary vineyards, one being “Les Serpens” lower on the slope abutting the premier cru Mitans, and the other being “En Vault” abutting the legendary Clos des Ducs at the top of the slope. There is an approximate 50% contribution from each parcel, and the result is compelling. A Volnay of true beauty, the wine is rosy, effusive, lifted and exceedingly beautiful in its aromatic volume - thank the lower vineyard for that. Through the middle of the wine we begin to feel a vertical depth and a focussing of the structure and the flavours, the finish being potent, long and mineral - ascribable to the parcel at the top of the slope. This certainly ranks as one of the most beautiful young Volnay’s I’ve tried. A true example of a wine that is ‘better than the sum of the parts’. Sustainable agriculture. 30% new barrels. 

2021 Arnaud Baillot Nuits St Georges - $149 per bottle ; RRP $170 

Powerful yet polite, this is a Nuits St George by name but not by nature. Sourced from a single vineyard abutting Comte Liger Belair’s Clos de Grandes Vignes Premier Cru monopole in the small town of Premeaux-Prissey, the wines from here are allowed to be labelled as Nuits St George, but possess more elegance and freshness due to the appearance of ‘Premeaux limestone’, an important soil type that characterises the wines of Premeaux. With access to this vineyard, Arnaud joins the ranks of JF Mugnier, Prieure Roch, Domaine de l’Arlot and of course Liger Belair, all who are among the most important and prestigious producers in Burgundy. 


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2021 Arnaud Baillot Savagnin Blanc (Jura) - $105 per bottle ; RRP $120 

Located in Rotalier, Jura, these plots of Savagnin have an average vine age of 45 years. A complex Burgundian style; and a hugely successful (and squeaky clean!) first-time addition to the Domaine. Due to frost, and shared production with Theo Dancer, there are only quantities of 2021. On the nose enticing aromas of golden apple, almond and fern with a delicate hint of lemon reveal themselves. There is a clear-cut and lively impression when first tasting the wine followed by a beautiful roundness. A long finish boasting appetising flavours of ripe apple and stonefruit. Sustainable agriculture. 10% new barrels 

2021 Arnaud Baillot Pernand Vergelesses “A ma Fille Mahaut" - $99 per bottle ; RRP $115 

The name of this cuvee “A ma Fille Mahaut” is a play on words, referencing the vineyard “Belles Filles” (which is opposite the Grand Cru En Charlemagne and just to the north), and Arnaud’s daughter Mathilde (or Mahaut in the old language). While relatively small, the commune of Pernand-Vergelesses is one of the most picturesque villages in Burgundy. It produces a Chardonnay of medium body, a fresh and slightly steely palate with crisp fruit characteristics and often notes of spearmint and fennel along with the usual white and yellow fruits. Stunning value. Sustainable agriculture with harvesting by hand over a number of days with each plot selected on ripeness with strict sorting in the vineyards. 15% new barrels.

2021 Arnaud Baillot St Aubin “Le Sentier du Clos” 1er Cru - $158 per bottle ; RRP $180 

In close proximity to the town of St Aubin itself, the premier cru ‘Le Sentier du Clou’ is perfectly positioned in the middle of the slope, with an east-facing aspect and soils with very high limestone content. Today this is Arnaud’s most floral and most nuanced wine. With white and yellow fruits and a strong mineral backbone, this is stunningly long with the balance leaning closer to tensile than rich. Lovers of more acid-driven Burgundy will revel in this, as there is still a lovely textural counterweight here to compliment the mineralité. Thrilling. Sustainable agriculture. 

2021 Arnaud Baillot Puligny Montrachet - $199 per bottle ; RRP $230

Baillot’s village Puligny Montrachet comes from a single vineyard immediately below the “Les Referts” 1er Cru. Due to massive demand and small quantities it’s becoming excruciating to source high quality village Puligny Montrachet, so we’re thrilled to have managed a dozen of this beauty. This is a powerful Puligny, with it's close proximity to Meursault Charmes 1er Cru showing through via an added fullness through the middle of the palate. Long, with ribboning intensity.
  2021 Arnaud Baillot Vosne Romanee “Les Suchots” 1er Cru - $485 per bottle ; RRP $550

A tiny production this year of only 2 barrels, and sourced from a 60+ year old parcel. Only 24 bottles for Australia so not tasted (yet!), but I think back to Baillot’s Suchots in ’18/’19/’20 where it was clearly a standout bottling, and certainly adhered to Clive Coates MW’s description of the vineyard “at its best it can, like Romanee St Vivant, produce wine with a considerable flair and perfume". Most Vosne Romanee 1er Cru from top vineyards are $1000+ now, so it’s great to have access to this vineyard for a respectable price.

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