Bruichladdich Black Art 11.1 Unpeated 24yr 44.2% Islay Whisky

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Black Art 11 is a testament to this elusive mastery. This finite single malt is created in secret by head distiller, Adam Hannett, with the recipe only known to him. Putting trust in Adam, he has given creative freedom to bring this incredible whisky to life. Using pre-renaissance Bruichladdich stock, Black Art 11 is unique and unrepeatable. Matured in the finest oak, this eleventh edition of Black Art showcases the captivating marriage of faith and ingenuity 

Nose: Dried fruits, leather and a hint of citrus immediately open on the nose, followed by a fresh sea breeze. Sweet fruit and floral notes come to the fore, with poached pear, delicate rose hip syrup, black cherry, and sweet mango. The complexity of the single malt is apparent as the aromas continue to open, with cedar and mellow oak complemented with butterscotch, praline, honey, and a hint of cinnamon. Warming oats are balanced with fragrant notes of rose and pear drops.
Palate: Dried fruits, dates, raisins, barley sugar, leather and oak open on the palate, followed by butterscotch sweetness, praline and hints of coconut and fresh citrus. Sweet apple and pear are married with toasted oak, warming wood spice, dark plums and marzipan, with layers of depth opening with each sip.



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