Cross Keys Single Batch Gin 700mL

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"Cross Keys Gin is a botanical-rich, handcrafted gin that originates from the Baltic region, more precisely from Latvia. Inspired by the verdant landscapes and rich herbal heritage of its origin, Cross Keys Gin is a mix of traditional and locally unique botanicals. Juniper is present, as with all gins, but there's also camomile, linden blossoms, rosemary, and other undisclosed botanicals that provide a lush and flavorful profile, making it distinctive among its peers. The gin is presented in a clay bottle, a nod to ancient Latvian traditions of using clay pots for storage. This not only gives the gin a rustic appearance but also serves to protect the contents from light, helping to maintain its freshness. The palate of Cross Keys is smooth and rich, with a robust herbal kick and a pleasantly sweet finish. It's a gin that reflects its Baltic roots, offering a different perspective on what gin can be." - Producer Note

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