Diviners Distillery House Gin London Dry 500mL

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"This hand-crafted gin is a modern classic: juniper-forward with a point of difference - incredibly refreshing with tonic, smooth and silky in the coupe, and completely transformed by citrus! All this alchemy is owed to the ephemeral not-so-you’d-notice inclusion of licorice and lavender in our signature low-pressure low-temperature distillation process. 

A London Dry just might be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of gin (even more so than Diviners Distillery), but what exactly constitutes a London Dry? Well, think of it as less of a place, and more of a process - a journey if you will! Our cold distillation techniques allow us to unlock hidden depths of flavor every step of the way, which is especially important in the high spirit runs that form that beautiful structure of this classic method. We think you’ll love where we went with it!" - Distiller Notes 

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