Dr Loosen Riesling Eiswein 2021 375ml HALF BOTTLE

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"Eiswein (“ice wine”) is another of nature’s rare and wonderful gifts from the Mosel to the wine world. Dr Loosen holds aside certain plots of vines, hoping for a freeze deep enough (minimum –8° C) to harvest frozen grapes. These grapes are picked in the small hours of the morning and pressed while still frozen, to slowly squeeze out a few drops of precious nectar while leaving the water behind as ice. The result is a vibrant, racy dessert wine that is strikingly different from the rounder, more honeyed style of the wines concentrated by botrytis This estate-grown Dr. Loosen Riesling Eiswein comes from special parcels in the Erdener Treppchen and Ürziger Würzgarten grand-cru sites. The vines are aged 60 years on average and are farmed sustainably, according to strict German environmental regulations." - Winemaker Notes 

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