J.J Prum Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel 2011

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"Katharina Prüm explains the Goldkapsel wines in this way: “Think of them as limited edition, small production lots of the best Auslese of a vintage. They are made from stronger, selected grapes containing higher concentrated juice, usually affected by a certain amount of botrytis, capable of aging even remarkably longer than ‘basic’ Auslesen, lasting for many decades. Over time, they lose some of their sweetness, gain more and more elegance and harmony, and the complex profile and depth come to the forefront.” - Bibendum

“Library Release 2022. They released some bottles early but kept some back. Though Katharina Prüm still thinks this is a little too young to drink. Intoxicating and promising kerosene-like notes but just as prominent is the intense grapefruit aroma. Mouth-filling richness, the sweetness perfectly balanced by the acidity so that it flows cooly across the palate. Peach and apricot sorbet on the finish. Pure pleasure, and not as sweet-tasting as you might expect.” - 18/20 points, Julia Harding MW

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