Legent Kentucky Bourbon 700mL

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"Legent is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey partially finished in wine and sherry casks. But it's more than that. It pushes the boundaries for how bourbons can be created while remaining true to the core of bourbon's principles. It's a collaboration between two whiskey legends – Fred Noe & Shinji Fukuyo – and two unique styles of whiskey making. Three different types of barrels are used to create the unique flavour profile of Legent. Each one imparts its one unique characteristics to this boundary-pushing bourbon. From bourbon barrel aging, Legend absorbs char notes and rich, traditional bourbon cues like layers of caramel, oak and vanilla. From sherry casks, complex layers of spice, raisin and heavy dried fruit are added. Finally, red-wine cask aging (French oak) gives different oak notes than traditional white oak bourbon barrels, giving mild fruity undertones and a light acidity." - Distiller Notes 

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