2019 By Farr Close Planted Pinot Noir Releases

2019 By Farr Close Planted Pinot Noir Releases

Published by The Wine Emporium on 9th Nov 2021

The pinnacle of the family estate are three single vineyard wines that have quickly established themselves as benchmarks for how high the quality of these two Burgundian varieties can reach when the combinations of terroir and an extremely talented & experienced family like the Farr’s get to work.

The GC Chardonnay is named in honour to Gary Charles Farr and was first released with the 2015 vintage, this wine has quickly found its way to the top tier of its class.

The Tout Pres Pinot Noir has for many years been regarded as one of the most complex and expressive wines made has a sibling in the RP Pinot Noir, which is proudly named after Robyn Pamela Farr who is Gary’s wife and Nicks Mother. The RP & Tout Pres stand proudly side by side showcasing the unique qualities & tones of these two single vineyard wines with very distinctly different personalities but both sitting at the top of the Farr Pinot Noir tree.


"With little to no rain during the Spring months, the vineyards were very reliant on the (lower than average) sub soil moisture from lower Winter rainfall. Moving through the months of November and December, it was apparent that we were in for lower-than-average yields, and as we started to irrigate some vineyards in mid-December, we were very conscious not to give the vines false hope, leading to unsustainable canopy and fruit load on the vines. When irrigating the vineyards in years like this, we find it is best to only help maintain the natural progression of the vines, regardless of the potential yields that further irrigation can bring. After an extremely warm month of January, we thought that the season had moderated until the forecast showed one final sizzling for them summer. With this forecast of weather due during the last week of February, we decided to pick our GC Chardonnay and RP Pinot before the heat arrived on the 26th Feb. The sugar levels rose substantially during the first two days of the heat wave, and therefore it was now ‘game on’ to harvest all the younger and weaker vineyards. Thirty-five head lamps were purchased, and night harvesting commenced. The surreal calmness in the vineyard was quite breath-taking, as you could see light and hear voices without faces. Harvest lunches became sunrise breakfast, thanks to chief cook Ben Knight and his trusty side kick Olivia. The remainder of the fruit such as Farrside, Irrewarra and Shiraz, was finally brought into the winery by the 10th of April. A drawn-out year that may promise so much as all the fruit was picked with reasonable acidity, fine tannins and elegant flavour." – Nick Farr, Winemaker


2020 By Farr GC Chardonnay SOLD OUT

2019 By Farr RP Vineyard Pinot Noir - $135

This wine is pretty and so very perfumed. The cote sites simply produce amazing smoothness and calmness that stretches the length of the palate as with the GC. Abundance of fruit leading to fine and detailed tannin structure. By Farr have been playing with the fruit from these vineyards for more than 8 years, fine tuning the style of wine that these vineyards are producing. To Robyn, Cheers.

2019 By Farr Tout Près Vineyard Pinot Noir - $135

With every year that passes, the Tout Pres vineyard’s subtleness and delicate fruit structure are becoming increasingly pronounced in the wine. The bouquet fills the glass with spicy fruit, mineral elements and a hint of integrated French oak, with the darkness and essence of the Moorabool Valley true expressions of site. This wine exhibits primary and secondary flavours, which strengthen the overall integration for a seamless finish. It is a tightly packed combination of plums and undergrowth with an edgy acidity—and one of our favourite drops.

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