Crawford River // New High-Scoring Riesling on Special!

Crawford River // New High-Scoring Riesling on Special!

Published by The Wine Emporium on 13th Apr 2023

Riesling is a fascinating grape for wine lovers; it is incredibly diverse and versatile, with many fans of its varying differing styles. Due to this, we find it's truly something special when a riesling arrives in the shop, and is universally adored by everyone on the team. 

It was love at first sight this past week, and that's speaking for all of us, when the 2022 Crawford River Riesling came through the doors. There is exceptional mid-palate depth here, and it comes as no surprise, with each grape at their Henty-based winery (southwestern Victoria) being handpicked and carefully chosen from vines of significant age before undergoing a slow, cool fermentation. This provides a distinct minerality and body that is very unique in the Australian landscape where zesty acidity is generally prioritised. 

All we can say is do not miss this release! The extra structure and intensity of the wine means this release will age effortlessly for many years in the cellar, if so desired! On special for this week only

- Crawford River on their Vineyards-


"With a view to sustainability and our passion for natural systems, we manage the vineyard without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides. In 2008, we ceased the use of under-vine herbicide, purchasing an under-vine slasher to control unruly summer grass. The application of organic compost and mulching of our pruning canes helps maintain our soil health, carbon levels and biodiversity. We graze sheep in the vineyard after vintage and pruning, avoiding the need for additional tractor passes, while naturally fertilizing our soils! All major activities including picking, pruning and canopy management are done by hand. We run a VSP trellis system with arched canes, to ensure maximum light and air penetration into the canopy. This assists with the aim of always picking our fruit with optimum phenological ripeness. The even nature of the long season also helps achieve this goal."

2022 Crawford River Riesling - $56 on special this week ; $64 RRP 

"This wine always takes a while to wake up and will continue to come out of its shell in the coming year. It leads with crushed rock & chalky minerality. Following on the nose is citrus, fruit and florals. Layers of kafir lime, white nectarine & apple blossom. The palate is textured and complex with the minerality continuing on the palate which is a hallmark of this site. The fruit is layered and intense with nashi pear, white nectarine and grapefruit with soft acidity lending incredible length to finish. This wine is ready to drink however will benefit from more time in the bottle." - Winemaker Notes 

"Crawford River are one of the more anticipated releases with unnerving consistency and quality. Interesting that these wines have been part of the make up of my work, in various guises, for now over 20 years too. This is one of the most straight up delicious releases I have tried. Moreish to the max. It’s succulent in texture, which is important, which means it’s juicy but also has chalky pucker. perfect. This one has a lime sorbet bent, green apple sherbet too, a splash of gin n tonic perhaps – all of that sounds pretty delicious as a thing to consume. It’s fragrant, flavoursome and very refreshing. Extension of flavour is significant too. It just nails everything so well." - 96 Points, Mike Bennie, The Wine Front 

"Bright lemon and lime glints in the light while aromas of lime, lemon meringue and jasmine jump out. There is undoubtedly a rich plushness here, but it's built as texture, not overt sweetness, and character is built by layers of spice and stony minerality. Carries very long and lingers with a remarkable seamlessness for such a youthful wine." - 96 Points, Stuart Knox, The Real Review


If you wish to purchase this wine, please use the link above. Otherwise, if you have any questions, please contact us on (07)32521117 or email 

Price valid until Thursday the 20th of April

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