New Mayer Releases on Special & Forage Supply Co. - Weekend Tastings!

New Mayer Releases on Special & Forage Supply Co. - Weekend Tastings!

Published by The Wine Emporium on 21st Feb 2024

This week's tastings are heading your way, with both some delightful summer sips from Forage Wine Co. in the Barossa Valley come Friday afternoon, as well as the Yarra Valley icon Mayer on pour Saturday with brand new 2023 releases. Look below for all the info on each!

This will be a treat - the playful Barossa creations from Forage Supply Co. will be on show this Friday afternoon/evening; a truly tasty collection of wines that are just now launching here in Queensland! Started up by two Barossa born and breds Scotty and Justin, they have crafted a beautifully presented series of reds and whites that make for utterly delicious drinking in the warm weather (Queensland can be very happy to finally have them!) Hosted by one of our favourites Shane from importers Vino Bros & Co, it was a fine afternoon trying these bottles for the first time last week with him and Scotty - these will be on special come Friday, and make for some flavorful end of week fun!

Forage Supply Co. Tasting Lineup - Friday 23rd February 

Running from 4 to 7pm 


Grenache de Blanc 2023 

'Spliced' Riesling 2022 

Whole Lotta Rosé 2023 

'Babyface' Field Blend Red 2023 

Breaker Blend (Shiraz + Grenache) 2021 

'Ribtickler' Shiraz 2022

It's that time of the year where we see the arrival of the latest and greatest from Yarra Valley legend Timo Mayer, with his highly sought-after collection of reds just arriving through our doors earlier this week! As always, the swath of flavours present are deep, detailed and precise, imbued with unmistakable earthy elements and long, lengthy fruits. If it's the Cabernet or Gamay you're chasing, you'll find brilliant bright berries and dried herbs/spices. Maybe the Merlot takes your fancy, with plenty of peppery chewiness, cherries, and touches of chocolate, or the Syrah with its lifted hits of plum and black olive marrying well with the tannins before dipping into some Rhǒne-esque minerality and slight truffle hints. The Close Planted Pinot, made with 20% whole bunch, is the softer and sweeter one of the two (with some welcome old vine oomph for good measure on the finish), while the Dr Mayer (100% whole bunch) is full of power and swagger (not many Aussie producers do those stalky notes better than these guys!) As with every great release from Timo and team, these are in limited supply - fans can grab with confidence, and enjoy some early drinking, or comfortably cellar for 5+ years. If you do wish to try before you buy though, this tasting will be the perfect opportunity!

Mayer Tasting Lineup - Saturday 24th of February 

Running from 12 to 2pm


Mayer Cabernet Sauvignon 2023 - $52 on special; $59 RRP

Mayer Gamay 2023 - $52 on special; $59 RRP

Mayer Merlot 2023 - $52 on special; $59 RRP

Mayer Syrah 2023 - $52 on special; $59 RRP

Mayer Close Planted Pinot Noir 2023 - $57 on special; $65 RRP

Dr Mayer Pinot Noir 2023 - $57 on special; $65 RRP

If you wish to buy any of these wines, please use the links above ? Alternatively, email us at, or contact us on (07)32521117 if you have any questions // Prices valid until the Wednesday the 28th of February

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