Our Best Value Chablis Returns - Passy le Clou!

Our Best Value Chablis Returns - Passy le Clou!

Published by The Wine Emporium on 10th Jul 2023

We're stoked to say that the Passy le Clou Petit Chablis, which quickly became a favourite for many of our Chardonnay lovers late last year, has made its awaited return! 

Demand has never been higher for the fine white wines of Chablis; the small, cool terroir in the heart of France specialising in fresh, intense Chardonnay with a deft kick of minerality. This style suits our country well in both climate and popular taste, but due to a string of low-yielding vintages, supply often doesn’t meet demand, and as a result, costs for great Chablis have been continually on the rise, particularly for the Petit Chablis and Chablis AC wines. For this very reason, we're always proud to offer once again this excellent 2021 Passy Le Clou Petit Chablis! At only 12.5% alcohol, this Chablis has all the freshness, mineralité and crisp fruit that has made the region so famous and beloved.

In a market where $50 is now the entry price that needs to be paid for a respectable Chablis, the Passy Le Clou represents phenomenal value that we just don't come by anymore.

2021 Passy le Clou Petit Chablis - $35 on special this week ; $39 RRP 

"The winery itself is modern, allowing precise winemaking with a light and delicate touch. After strict selection at harvest, grapes are pressed very gently in a pneumatic press, the must is allowed to settle naturally and is racked 12-24 hours after pressing. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled, stainless steel tanks for 4-6 months, and sedimentation occurs naturally. The wine then ages a further 3-6 months on its fine lees. This Chablis shows remarkable purity, and a delightful balance between acidity and roundness." - Producer Notes


If you wish to purchase this wine, please use the link above. Otherwise, if you have any questions, please contact us on (07)32521117 or email sales@thewineemporium.com.au 

Price valid until Tuesday the 11th of July

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