Overeem Cask Strength Bourbon Cask Matured Whisky 700ml

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"Already a crowd favourite among a small, select few that have had the opportunity to try, our bourbon cask strength has been on Jane Overeem's watch list since she first sampled it directly from the cask early last year.  Incredibly approachable for a whisky at this strength, it offers a uniqueness and profile we are yet to see elsewhere in the Australian Whisky market.  This is definitely one that will become an elusive and sought-after expression in the future. Creamy & rich on the nose, great balance and harmony between spirit and cask, subtle layers of citrus, vanilla and coconut. Palate of charred pineapple, caramelized apple and banana with soft vanilla and citrus notes, malt driven with soft oak and spice. Finish of delicious summer cocktails, Pina Colada! Creamy and lingering with a zippy finish, very, very yum." - Distiller Notes 

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