Patient Wolf Pink Lake Gin 700mL

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"A savoury gin, inspired by the unique landscape and flavours of Australia’s famous pink salt lakes. In a world’s first, the gin is filtered through Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt to create a savoury flavour profile with a hint of salt, and pink hue in colour, representative of the pink lakes themselves. A textural, savoury gin to make the perfect (pink) martini." - Distiller Notes 

Aroma - Blend of zesty oranges and earthy spice and fresh juniper.

Palate - Light salinity, floral and savoury. A light citrus keeps things lively and fresh.

Finish - Piney, spicy and savoury. Floral notes take a step back to make way for earthy spice.

Mouthfeel - Dry, savoury and textural, with a hint of lake salt. Excellent balance of salinity and maritime notes.

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