Penderyn Ex-Australian Red Wine Cask Single Malt Welsh Whisky 700mL

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Notes from Mind Spirits-

The Cask “AW2” is released exclusively for the Australian market with only 157 bottles available. 18 years old. The oldest release from Penderyn Welsh Single Malt Whisky. Finished in a rare, exceptionally rich wine cask from Buller Wines. This is an exclusive bottling for Mind Spirits

Nose: Rich blackberries and blackcurrants, gooseberries, ripe cherries. Dried fruits: prunes, sultanas and figs. Salted caramel and demerara sugar.

Taste: Dark fruits: black grapes and black cherries, oak tannin dryness and cocoa bitterness. Vanilla, tingling spices of black pepper, nutmeg and a black coffee hint.

Finish: Dark fruits fading into bitter dark chocolate with notes of clove and black pepper

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