Seppeltsfield Para 100 Year Old 1923 100mL

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"The wine is every bit as awesome as its predecessors, the intensity, the flavours, and the flavours lingering in the mouth for a seemingly endless time. The acidity has none of the edgy cuts that can sometimes need a spice-laden biscuit or chocolate to tame the acidity, tho don’t feel embarrassed if you have either one or both any way. 100 points? Of course. It is the one and only wine whose history, past, and future demands it. But that’s not all. The design people have risen to create a stunning upgrade of the box and the print on the 100ml bottle in which this nectar of the gods is sold." - 100 Points, James Halliday

"The dark amber/tawny colour thickly coats the glass and leaves a lingering residue; the bouquet is sensationally concentrated and powerful, with a lift of volatile acidity that is such an integral part of the wine as to not be a fault, and the concentration of flavour has to be tasted to be believed. The flavours are espresso coffee, very dark chocolate, molasses, treacle, Christmas pudding and a high note of nutty oak. The closest comparison I can make is with very, very old balsamic vinegar from Modena. It's tremendously viscous, sweet and unctuous in the mouth, with an almost endless aftertaste. A breath-taking old tawny." - 99 Points, Huon Hooke, The Real Review 

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