Australia vs France Masterclass

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Specialising in the same grape varieties, France and Australia are building a fascinating rivalry. While some still consider the French wines to be at the pinnacle of wine quality worldwide, Australia too is making outstanding and world class examples.

To compare style, quality and value for money between the French and Australian wines, we pair a famous example from each country for the six major grape varieties of riesling, sauvignon/sémillon, chardonnay, pinot noir, shiraz and cabernet sauvignon. During our comparisons we include discussion on the matter of soils, climate, the appellation system, labelling laws, winemaking technique and history. This is always a very fun one-night course, and serves as the perfect introduction and overview to French wines.

//This class is held at our Education Centre in Bowen Hills (41 Allison St.) and start at 6:30pm and runs for about three hours.

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