White Burgundy Masterclass

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In the heart of France lies the famed wine region of Burgundy, revered for producing the world's finest examples of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. With centuries of wine growing and winemaking history, hundreds of different vineyards, and thousands of producers; no wine region in the world can boast such a complex and diverse landscape. 

This one-night introduction to the great white wines of Burgundy will rivet you. Nowhere in the world does a white wine feature so much power and complexity, coupled with freshness and elegance. We use the best bottles from the finest producers to perfectly explain the differences between the major white-producing villages in the Cotes d’Or, as well as explore the elegant wines of Chablis. As we taste the regions different classifications ranging from Bourgogne, Village, Premier Cru (1er) up to Grand Cru, we discuss soil, history, winemaking techniques, produce style, and answer any questions you may have on this incredible region. To understand why a white Burgundy wine is served AFTER the reds, make sure you come along to this unforgettable evening.

//This class is held at our Education Centre in Bowen Hills (41 Allison St.) and start at 6:30pm and runs for about three hours.

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