Mont Joly La Pereuse Rosé 2022

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// 100% Gamay Noir

"Jean-Baptiste Bachevillier, the eighth-generation winemaker, owns the family vineyards at Mont Joly, achieving remarkable success before turning 30. Together with his international experience, JB combines the best of Beaujolais and Burgundian winemaking to create wines that reflect the unique terroir. The winemaking heritage of the Bachevillier family dates back to 1779. Mont Joly’s cellar offers ideal conditions for aging wine with natural temperature control. Situated at 350 meters above sea level, the estate lies between Beaujolais’ oldest granite and marlaceous lime.

JB’s aim is to produce the finest “terroir” wine in Beaujolais. Hand-harvested grapes, minimal additives, and sulphuring preserve the natural expression of the grapes. JB is the first to own the vineyard since 1873, implementing an agroforestry system to improve soil health, biodiversity, and erosion control while providing habitats for wildlife. This system also captures carbon from the atmosphere, mitigating climate change effects.

JB carries on his family’s winemaking legacy at Mont Joly, creating wines that truly showcase the terroir. With a commitment to sustainability, his artisanal approach and innovative practices position him as a rising star in the world of Beaujolais wines." - Importer Notes 

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