Mont Joly Beaujolais Villages Croix Polage 2022

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"From 40-year-old vines, La Croix Polage is a true terroir wine made using 100% Gamay grapes. The colour is ruby red tinged with purple. The nose is bursting with bright red fruits. The palate is fruity with touches of minerality from the pink granitic sand. There are soft, well integrated tannins. JB does all the vineyard work; he finds this to be the best way of ensuring the quality and sustainability of the grapes. Using an agroforestry system, he replicates what can be observed in the wild forest. This helps the vines to grow strong without spraying chemicals on the ground and without ploughing the earth (which would damage the soil structure). Cover crops help the fauna to naturally fight against pests. The cover crop also competes with the vines which keeps the yields low. Perfect to start a meal with a plate of charcuterie and some cornichons." - Importer Note

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