Ochota Barrels Botanicals of The Basket Range 2023

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So… we crushed some beautiful pinot noir grapes from up the road into a small vessel…a few weeks later, the children and I took our little baskets and wandered around our garden, picking herbs, flowers, fruits and leaves, talking about Taras and feeding the chickens as we went …. we submerged the picked botanicals into the pinot noir and tasted it over the next week or so until it was perfect…. some of the botanicals infused were… . sage….wild fennel….rose petals…. elderflower….lemon balm….bay leaf….lemon verbena… river mint….thyme… meyer lemon peel. 100% piccadilly pinot noir saignee from red ferments on Peramangk country, drink like a wine or add ice and sip like a vermouth. Handpicked throughout February and march infused with a bouquet garni of homegrown botanicals gravity racked to 2 seasoned French barriques. Unfined and unfiltered minimal use of SO2 and machinery. 

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