Wine Classes

We know you love wine and want to learn more but finding a place to start can be hard. Here at the Wine Emporium we have put together a fantastic range of classes to suit all tastes and levels of knowledge. From our wine appreciation class which gives you the building blocks of wine knowledge, to more specialised classes focusing on regions and styles from around the world.

'That was a seriously excellent presentation. I learned so much - and you covered an incredible amount of information in a really interesting and engaging way.'
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'We had a great time at the Burgundy nights...Your knowledge of the area and the wines is incredible'
'My friends and I recently attended your two day wine appreciation course. I just wanted to say what a lovely time we all had. You're clearly very knowledgable and it was really interesting listening to you speak about wine.'
'The wines you selected and the sequence in the presentation of them was superb. It really helped us all discern between the different regions. I would commend your course to anyone remotely interested in wine. So thank you again.'
Wine Classes

For all information about the Wine Appreciation classes, please contact Robert Lavelle at or on

A two night class that explores, entertains and gives better understanding to the world of wine. Classes are divided in two night sessions; a white wine evening and a red wine evening both accompanied with a shared selection of cheeses, antipasto and breads.
$120.00 per person
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For all information about the classes below, please contact Brent Williamson at or on

To compare style, quality and value for money between the French and Australian wines, we pair a famous example from each country for the six major grape varieties of riesling, sauvignon/semillon, chardonnay, pinot noir, shiraz and cabernet sauvignon.
$165.00 per person
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In this one night course we discuss climate, soil differences, and important variables in the winemaking process, which will be invaluable in helping you purchase your next bottle of Italian wine, or to take full advantage of these elite releases when they arrive at our shores.
$195 per person
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This one night introduction to the great white wines of Burgundy will rivet you. Nowhere in the world does a white wine feature so much power and complexity, coupled with freshness and elegance.
$225 per person
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 Featuring the finest wines on the market, including Premier and Grand Cru, we compare the differences between the various flavours and structures of Burgundy’s most famous villages, as well as examine the soils, vineyards, producer philosophies and winemaking techniques that influence them. 
$295 per person
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