Superb Sangiovese

Superb Sangiovese

Published by The Wine Emporium on 31st May 2022

Sangiovese is one of those noble varietals that we absolutely adore at The Wine Emporium, and there is no better region to showcase the grape than the region of Tuscany in central Italy. This week we are bringing you the best of the best from the dramatic hills of Montalcino, where Sangiovese truly shines, with the wines constantly getting better vintage after vintage. Speaking of vintage, 2017 was quite the dry one, but September rains saved the day and brought much needed balance and freshness - the results speak for themselves, with fragrant, seductive wines that will cellar extremely well.

P.S.: Rule of thumb - the Rossos are to drink now and the Brunellos to cellar for a while, but we won't judge if you crack one open now!

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“You don’t feel like you’re pulling up to a Brunello producer’s “estate” as you approach the Baricci homestead. Instead, what you see is a small house surrounded by a thick foliage, with large garage doors that open up into their cramped yet cosy and wholly traditional winery. On the other side of this home is the famed Montosoli hill, which lifts up like an island amongst a sea that is the northern hillside of Montalcino. When looking at Montosoli from the town, it appears almost as a mirage in the midst of a thick forest. What is also apparent is the mark of terroir, as you imagine the sea that once engulfed this region, and how the contours of Montosoli would morph into its unique soils of rock, mineral-rich marls, loam, quartz, shale and limestone with marine fossil strewn throughout. The family’s fifteen hectares are considered the choice parcel of the hill, ranging up to 280 meters in elevation and enjoying a south-to-southeast exposure. This location doesn’t share the deteriorating rock components from the hill of Montalcino as much of the surrounding territory does; it is uniquely its own individual terroir, and a true cru of the region. When I taste them, it’s the classicism, purity, regal tannins, depth of fruit and harmony that invokes thoughts of not just Montalcino, but the world’s greatest wines. In a truly romantic way, this family of farmers, who also happen to be winemakers, are producing some of Italy’s hidden gems." - Eric Guido, Vinous


2020 Rosso di Montalcino Montosoli - $69 per bottle ; $79 RRP

“A vivid mix of wild strawberries, roses, hints of cinnamon and crushed rocks captivate as the 2020 Rosso di Montalcino comes to life in the glass. This is silky and refined, with depths of ripe, cherry-berry fruits laced with minerals and spice that creates a sweet and sour interplay. The medium-length finish resonates on red currants and inner floral perfumes, as well as a gentle tug of tannin. This doesn’t impress on power and prestige, but instead on purity, refinement and sheer drinkability.” - 91 Points, Eric Guido, Vinous


2017 Brunello di Montalcino - $149 per bottle ; $175 RRP

“With the first tilt of your glass, you know that this is not your average 2017 Brunello di Montalcino. An enthralling bouquet of spiced citrus peels, roses, sour cherries, crushed rocks and animal musk keeps you at the edge of your seat. This is remarkably pure and delicate, seeming to hover across the palate, yet delivering a vivid mix of ripe wild berries, salty minerals and purple-tinged florals. Beneath, saturated tannins build, yet the expression remains fresh – almost mouthwatering, in fact – as sweet hints of plum and tobacco slowly fade. While the Baricci family doesn’t market their wine as a cru, this is indeed 100% Montosoli fruit from one of the region’s top winemaking families. Bravo.” - 94 Points, Eric Guido, Vinous


"The historic Fuligni estate covers over one hundred hectares of wheat, olive groves and forest, with only twelve hectares that are planted to vines. Elevations range from 350 to 450 meters. The oldest parcels, with vines thirty years and older, are at the highest elevations and planted in a mix of stone, clay and galestro marl. The winemaking here is traditional, yet progressive and open-minded, especially of late, with indigenous yeast fermentations and long-ish macerations. While the Brunello begins its refinement in Tonneaux, they are shortly moved to large botti of 35-40-hectoliter Slavonian oak to complete the barrel aging process, which can last from two to two-and-a-half years, depending on the vintage. In my opinion, the Brunello produced at this address are some of the classiest, most refined and long-aging wines being made in Montalcino today. They are extremely difficult to read in their youth, with a depth of fruit and minerality that is tightly clenched by a wall of tannin. In fact, it isn’t rare that I’ll check in on a bottle over the course of a few days to get a good read on it. However, as they mature and mellow, they transform into models of elegance and almost-sensual appeal." - Eric Guido, Vinous


2019 Rosso di Montalcino Ginestreto - $78 per bottle ; $89 RRP

A gorgeous vintage in Montalcino, the 2019 Fuligni Ginestreto is one of the most sophisticated Rosso’s you’ll encounter. The wine is fruit driven yet counterbalanced with authentic Montalcino savouriness and minerality. The balance and slow-moving texture is the sealer for us at The Wine Emporium.


2017 Brunello di Montalcino - $225 per bottle ; $260 RRP

"The Fuligni 2017 Brunello di Montalcino is a beautiful wine, and it shines a much-deserved spotlight on one of the most consistent estates in Montalcino. It is bright and luminous with a dark ruby shine. The bouquet reveals deeply layered tones of red cherry, wild berry, rose, earth and candied violets. Give the wine an extra twirl or two, and you get some rosemary and lavender. Soft dusty mineral and limestone also appear. I'd definitely put this bottle on a short list of the most recommended bottles from the 2017 vintage." - 95 Points, Monica Larner, The Wine Advocate


"Andrea Costanti continues to produce some of the most deeply seductive, yet truly classic expressions of Brunello from vintage to vintage. While steeped in tradition, it was a welcome breath of fresh air to hear his thoughts on Montalcino’s need for better zoning, stating, “In my opinion, it is not acceptable that a significant area like Montalcino hasn’t had it.” For his vineyards, it’s the high elevations from 433 to 471 meters, large diurnal temperature swings between day and night and galestro soils that make this terroir special. Costanti spoke of those cooling nighttime temperatures as being vital during the hot 2017 vintage. When all was said and done, his production numbers didn’t suffer much, while all of the Riserva juice was added to the Brunello. On a final note, the Rosso at this address should also be of special interest. It’s sourced from fruit in the lower and sandier soils at the base of the Montosoli hill and refined for one year in tonneaux. This is a Rosso that can easily be enjoyed in its youth or cellared over the medium term. While pulling away from the estate, after the tasting, all I could think was that Andrea Costanti is at the top of his game." - Eric Guido, Vinous


2019 Rosso di Montalcino - $99 per bottle ; $115 RRP

"The 2019 Rosso di Montalcino is richer and more concentrated than expected, with lots of dark cherry and luscious fruit. The delivery is simple, tight and short, but the extra richness will go far if paired with fettuccine and meat ragù." - 90 Points, Monica Larner, The Wine Advocate


2017 Brunello di Montalcino - $225 per bottle ; $260 RRP

"Extremely elegant and focused, this compelling wine defies the heat of the vintage, starting with a heady fragrance of ripe dark-skinned berries, violet, camphor, dark spice and whiffs of crushed herbs. On the linear, elegantly structured palate, tightly woven but extremely polished tannins accompany juicy Marasca cherry, blood orange, licorice and white pepper while fresh acidity keeps it balanced and fresh." - 97 Points, Kerin O’Keefe, Wine Enthusiast


Gianlorenzo Neri (Giacomo Neri’s son) described 2017 as “the most Mediterranean vintage ever”. The property experienced a 35% loss of production to maintain integrity of the wines… Not afraid of technology, the Neri family also depended on rigorous selection through optical sorting. In the end, whether you consider their more modern leanings a blessing or a curse, this family is making some of the best wine in Montalcino


2017 Brunello di Montalcino Tenuta Nuova - $229 per bottle ; $265 RRP

"This is one of my all-time favorite Brunellos, and although personal tastes are fluid and may change from time to time, there is something timeless and solid about this wine. It's like a touchstone. The Casanova di Neri 2017 Brunello di Montalcino Tenuta Nuova is graced with a similar interlude of elegant rose or crushed flower that we saw in the annata wine. It appears more prominently here, and with more shape and focused intensity. Make no mistake, Giacomo Neri builds wines for pleasure and sensual impact, and this wine (helped by a hot growing season and 15% alcohol) ticks all those boxes. But it also shows floral elegance and sour cherry freshness that defies our expectations of the vintage. Best after 2024." - 96 Points, Monica Larner, The Wine Advocate

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